Orthodontic Treatments Available

Orthodontic Treatments Available

A range of orthodontic appliances are available and these options will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment. At The Orthodontic Surgery we embrace new technology and continue to evolve in our selection of appliances to offer you the best treatment options.

Early Treatment Appliances

Early treatment, where indicated, may involve custom fitted removable acrylic appliances which can be made in almost any colour under the sun, or alternatively made to be relatively invisible. Occasionally, fixed appliances may also be indicated. These options will be discussed with you and your child at your consultation appointment.



Conventional Fixed Labial Braces

These braces are directly bonded to the outside surfaces of the teeth and may be clear or metallic (with or without colours which may be changed at each visit) and are historically the most common fixed orthodontic treatment option. At The Orthodontic Surgery we have embraced the technology of American Orthodontics Empower® appliances which due to their self-ligating nickel titanium clip over the bracket, apply active force constantly and tend to stain less. To date, Dr Daniels had many orthodontic patients who are very satisfied with the appearance of these appliances. Other fixed appliances are also available upon request and this can be discussed at your orthodontic consultation.TOS_Website_Image3